Thursday, May 04, 2006

A tale of two Hannahs

Actually, that would be Hannah on the right and my cousin (so Hannah's second cousin I guess) on the left. Bella is about a year younger than Hannah I think, but it's kind of spooky how alike they are. They have the same wispy white-blonde hair, the same eyes and cheeky smile. Same body shape (scrawny). This photo was taken on Easter Sunday - we all kept mistaking them for each other. Something to be said for genetics I guess.

Not to offend anyone...

For those finicky parents who hate the whole Barbie thing, here is a refreshing alternative.

Spotted in a shop in Hahndorf, on a fun day with mum and the kids in the school holidays.

Bethany's first day at school

The title says it all really. How can she be possibly this old? And she has a wobbly tooth too! Where oh where have the last five years gone? Somehow it seems more unbelievable that B is at school than it did when Ryan started. Perhaps that's because with him being the first, I tended to focus more on every little thing and so was acutely aware of each stage as it approached and passed. With Bethany, I guess I've been a little distracted (to say the least!). Older and younger siblings help diffuse the attention so it seems to have just sneaked up on us. But she seems to be loving it, despite the tiredness that comes from suddenly attending five full days a week.