Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When friends argue

A long time ago we bought a fish that moved in with Huck. They got along great. They seemed to even provide some companionship for each other. They would swim together and share the fish food we rained upon them. In general they would ignore each other. Until something changed. Several days ago a child called out 'the turtle is eating the fish!' and sure enough, the turtle had a grip on the fish's tail. I quickly threw some turtle food in the tank which distracted Huck. The fish ended up with a much shorter tail, but everything went on as usual (with me vowing to feed the turtle a little more frequently perhaps). Today another call - 'the turtle's got the fish again!'. Only this time it was too late. The turtle only had half the fish, the other half already being in its belly. The kids all watched in disgust as the turtle pulled the fish apart and ate it up. Beth was a bit sad for a little while, but the grossness of watching the fish get eaten was a decent distraction. They watched on and off over the afternoon, always commentating on how gross and disgusting it all was, but watching all the while. The coolest bit was when a thing that I assume was a flotation bladder of some sort was, well, released from the fish - it looked like a big bubble and it floated. Until the turtle ate it.
I still can't believe that Huck ate his buddy. [Photo added to prove it - note the half-eaten fish hanging out of Huck's mouth]

Friday, September 21, 2007

Where's that tooth fairy?

Bethany wrote this note today for the tooth fairy:

Dear tooth fairy, you didn't cellect my tooth last night and I feel bad (I don't want to be ruled [rude]). Please cellect my tooth. It's my 7th lost tooth. From Bethany.

That's right. The tooth fairy didn't come. Can you believe it? We figured that maybe lots of children lost their teeth last night and so she was running late. And sure enough, Bethany put the tooth out in the sunroom (so the tooth fairy wouldn't be scared off by us) with this note, and somehow she snuck in and took the tooth and left some money! Phew.