Friday, December 29, 2006

Another year almost over

As amazing as it seems, 2006 draws almost to a close. It's certainly been an interesting year here... lots of things have changed, but plenty is still the same.

Our highlights: that wonderful holiday in Victor Harbor in January, Bethany starting school and having such a great year, Ryan's great year at school, the quick trip to Black Point,

Photo: Someone put Hannah- Barbie's arms on the wrong way

getting to spend so much time at Ikea (after seeing family off at the airport so often), having Huck join our family for a while, Sophie turning one, Hannah finally being able to hear again, and today, Sophie weeing in the potty for the first time (see how I snuck that brag in there? She's only 18 months!).
Our lowlights: well, who wants to live in the past? :) In a few ways, 2007 will be better, I'm sure.
Things I'm looking forward to: Our 'snow holiday' (details to be determined), a new laptop (hopefully), some new furniture and bits and pieces, Bethany having a year with Mrs Haines, watching Ryan mature another year, Hannah starting kindy, watching Sophie grow into herself (and therefore starting to emerge from baby-world myself), welcoming a new nibling into the world (thanks Beth M for creating the word! - I hope I get to use it and can't still get away with 'nieces').

As always, I am grateful for the continuing good health and great natures of those I hold dear. I am truly so lucky to be surrounded by such lovely and caring people (and that means you!). Roll on 2007!

Photo: Bethany displays her make-up skills courtesy of a present from Aunty Marilyn.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hark the herald angels

We went to the Gawler Christmas Carols last night. It was lots of fun. So much nicer with kids this age to go to a small country event rather than the big one in the city. There was room for the kids to play and run around, during 'Away in a Manger' and 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' all the kids were called up to the stage and almost all had a turn at the microphone (none of the Feuerherdt/Stomaci clan got a turn though. Perhaps they had been warned in advance...), at the end, Father Christmas turned up and sat every child on his knee (including Ryan!) and gave them all a present. It was just nice. The weather was beautiful too. We walked/rode/scootered there and it was good fun heading home at 1030pm. Mum and dad headed most of the way home with us, so it was the whole posse making our way home in the dark. Sophie had stayed home with Paul (awake for most of the time, oops), and the other three kids did great (and weren't even overly grumpy today).

Photo: Bethany, Hannah and Ella looking angelic

Photo: Ryan on
Santa's knee

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Most mornings I end up with one or some or all of the children in my bed before we finally get up for the day. This morning it was Bethany and Hannah. We were just lying and talking and stuff, when Bethany asks Hannah 'Hannah, do you know how much I love you?'. Hannah thought for a second and answered 'So much?'. 'Yes, that's right!' exclaimed Bethany, 'how did you know that?'. 'Because that's how much I love you', was Hannah's delightful reply.

Photo: Sophie getting her first ever face-painting at the Gawler Christmas Street Party a few weeks ago.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Another step forward

Today in the mail we got a package from the preschool, letting us know Hannah will be in pre-entry in Term 1 next year. When I got the package and realised what it was, I actually got quite sad. To the point of actually having tears well up. That is not me. But for some reason I just can't believe Hannah is old enough for kindy. She still seems like such a little sweetie, although I have noticed her conversations and observations improving in maturity over the last little while (her behaviour too!). And I'm going to miss her. It will be very weird not having her around to help me in so many little ways as well as just her constant chatter. I think too, the thought of just having one child at home is quite strange. Always by the time one of the others has gone to kindy, I've been pregnant or actually had a new baby, so I've always still had two at home. How strange. I'll certainly enjoy the time with Sophie though. Although not the trek back and forwards to kindy again. And if Nicole and Raff end up moving elsewhere in Gawler then it probably won't even be worth sharing the pick-up duties.

Today too was Bethany's end of year concert. They were very clever in the junior primary this year as they kept it very simple. All the classes (6 or 7?) learnt the same six songs. Each class dressed up slightly differently (Bethany's class had giant cardboard bells around their neck - apparently so they matched Jingle Bells, Ryan just informed me. Other classes had reindeer ears for Rudolph etc). All the classes were up on the stage and all of them sang the songs together. There were lots of parents there! Ryan's class and the rest of middle primary came to watch too so that was cool. I will try to put a bit of the video on youtube although it's all a bit blurry.
Ryan is in the major production in a couple of weeks time - the sequel to the production two years ago (they had a break last year). It's called 'The Queen's Revenge' and as usual it should be of excellent quality. Tim Purvis the drama teacher is very good - even having his own production company who put on performances shown in the Fringe (using school kids of course).