Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good to see my subliminal training about how you can still love a person even if you don't like the particular thing they are doing seems to be working. The other day Ryan was really really angry at me. 'I hate your actions!' he screamed at me, and then stormed off. Too cute.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A new era

Something totally exciting today... I'm blogging from work!!! We just got all upgraded to new amazing computers running Vista, and best of all, internet to desktop! Way cool! Can I fit any more exclamation marks in this post?!!! I'm sure I won't really blog from work much, I'm not here often enough and I'm too busy when I am here, but by jingo, it's a cool thing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fat Bob rocks

It's been well over a week since the Cure concert, and I meant to blog about it much earlier than this. Oh well, what can I say? Life happens.
First, thanks to mum and dad for giving me the ticket and for mum for keeping me company.

Fat Bob is of course Robert Smith, who was not so fat this time as he was in 2000 (yes, it's been 7 years since they've been here). He also wasn't as boring as last time. In 2000, they played far too many songs from the albums of the time - Bloodflowers and whatever the other boring one is. Actually, I just checked the setlist from that concert and it doesn't really seem they played that much from those albums - I guess it was because I was pregnant with Bethany that I fell asleep (yes really!).
Anyway, this concert rocked! It was the first concert I've been to in a very long time (maybe the Cure was the last one too?). As you do, being Adelaide, we bumped into people we know - Tanya and Marco. Still together, happily building boats (and even selling them these days!). The strangest thing for me, not having been to a concert for many years, was seeing all the white illuminated squares in the audience. That would be people's mobile phones. Of course I also got sucked in to taking photos and videos. All very crackly and blurry, but still neat. I even captured the 'peaceful bit'! Aaaahhh......

Mum told me about an interview Robert did where he said they were going to play all old songs, give the fans what they want, and they certainly did. I actually knew every song played (I was a bit worried there might be too much newer stuff as I haven't really enjoyed it so haven't listened that much). They played for three solid hours, coming back for two encores. I found a setlist here but it doesn't really capture the total rocking-ness of the concert. Because there was no keyboard player, and two guitar players (three if you include the man himself), the dynamics of a lot of the songs were quite altered. For the better. Of course the music was way too loud (and a little tinny at the top, I thought) but it was still great. Never Enough was just amazing - totally pumped up and freaked out. Way cool. Robert actually moved around the stage for that one!
He was his usual shy self, apparently there were lots of his Adelaide-based family members in the audience so maybe he was extra nervous. He only made a comment or two, always hard to decipher as well.
The encores were cool, especially the last. Who expects to hear Fire in Cairo live?! The whole 2nd encore was from that album (Three Imaginary Boys?) which was really neat.
There were even a couple of songs from Head on the Door, my favourite album, which was kind of him.
All in all, a fun night. Though I left shaking my head at the total waste of electricity and energy, pumping out that level of sound for three hours, never mind the shipping around the world of all that equipment. Tut tut.
But at the end, he did say 'See you again!' so perhaps I'll make it to one more concert...

Oh I almost forgot, worth the price of admission was watching a very drunk young lady diagonally opposite us totally get into the songs, acting them out when possible, and pumping her fist when not. Her boyfriend sat stony-faced through the whole thing, though another male with them faithfully and energetically played the air drums all the way through. Just great.

That crazy bag lady

Bethany's mind really fascinates me. Tonight, in the bath, she commented that when Andrea shouts her voice sounds kind of blurry. (Andrea is a friend of mine, we don't hear her shout all that often; it just sounds normal to me when she does). She said Andrea's voice sounds kind of blurry and it reminds her of Andrea's skin, which is kind of smooth and kind of blurry. (It's just normal skin). She said when Andrea shouts, she thinks of/sees grey, and blurry windows, and Andrea's skin. Totally peculiar. We did see Andrea today, but she didn't shout...
Oh, when I mentioned to Paul my comment about her being a great author or crazy bag lady, he kindly reminded me it's possible to be both. Great.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some funnies

A couple of snippets of our conversations today:

Me to Ryan: I know it's important to you to invent a hovercraft, but not before breakfast please.

Bethany to no-one in particular: Oh, I just nearly had three pairs of knickers on! I was still wearing two from yesterday and then I put today's over the top as well.

Hannah: Blaze is so naughty.
Me: Really? Who calls him naughty?
Hannah: No-one, they just call him Blaze.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Surprise! It's my birthday

I turned 33 today. I still look forward to my birthday, such a kid I am. A birthday is always a time to reflect on the year that's passed and indeed your life so far. I'm so happy and settled at this point in my life, it's a lovely feeling. Happy with my achievements so far, looking forward to the future which offers so many opportunities, the everyday pleasures of my beautiful children, ah life is good!
Speaking of beautiful children, these guys have been so great about my birthday, Ryan especially. Paul took them shopping on the weekend and they chose presents (cookbooks, what a surprise!) and a card. Ryan wrote a cute poem for me:

Dear mum,
You've laid with us at night;
You've made our breakfast at light;
We're thanking you right now;
We're making a birthday cake,
Not missing a bit;
Happy Birthday!!
We love you mum!

PS We love you!!

He apologised for the poem not rhyming at the end, but I still think it's pretty darn good.
The other great thing Ryan did was decide to organise a surprise party for me. His organisation of it mostly consisted of coming up with the idea and then inviting my friends. He invited Andrea first (who also conveniently happens to be the mother of his best friend), who asked the usual details, like where, and what time. Ryan didn't have answers to any of that, so Andrea suggested he better talk to an adult about it first, like maybe my mum. So he spoke to mum who said it was a great idea. She asked how he was going to supply the food and what he was doing for a cake. He was a bit stumped at that. She kindly offered to help. :)
So between them (well, mostly mum) they came up with a great party. I did have an inkling it was happening as mum warned me he was planning something and then the big giveaway was a cranky Hannah this morning yelling 'No, I don't want to have a surprise party for mum!' when the kids were whispering away. I pretended to be deaf for a little while just then... Everyone else did a good job of keeping a secret, especially Vicki who sounded very surprised when I mentioned it was my birthday.
At very short notice, with not many free hours, mum whipped up plenty of delicious food as always, as well as a tasty cake (decorated with a bicycle, ha ha).
They all did a wonderful job of making me feel loved and special.
I also got some neat presents, some interesting books and Cure tickets!! Woo-hoo! I wasn't going to go to the concert because I couldn't justify the expense, but when my parents are paying, of course I'll go! It's next Monday which is great timing too.