Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ryan's Christmas wishlist

Hey Father Christmas/Santa/Santa Claus/Saint Nicholas/Kris Kringle/Aussie Sam/Farmer Joe

Well, everyone has probably bought me presents already but what I want from you are:

* an IOU a dog from mum
* lollies
* books
* plums
* tins of ravioli
* lots of meat
* no maths*

From Ryan

*this isn't a thing but I want it anyway.

Bethany's Christmas wish list

Dear santa,
Thanks you so much for giving me presents 8 yrs in a row, now it is yet another year, but this time I only want a few things

1. A border Terrier
2. A time of our lives CD by miley cyrus
3. A pack of 'wammys'
4. 2 DSi's
5. A warheads stocking

That's all folks
from Bethany

Dear mum,
all I would like this year from you is a note that is signed by you saying : I.O.U. a puppy border Terrier sometime in 2010. I would also like a new remote control car, Thanks you heaps (that's if you get me this stuff) I'm just kidding. from Bethany ps: Merry Xmas

Heads up

Blog post coming soon...