Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wee wee wee all the way home

Sophie had her MCU today, because of her one urinary tract infection. She did really well despite just falling off to sleep in the pram as we were waiting to be called in. She was quite happy to be undressed on the examination table, and thought it was lots of fun that I stood above her head and held her hands. She wasn't quite sure about the nurse holding her legs, or the one that sponged her down with plenty of warm water (she weed on that one). The nurse had problems getting the catheter in, and Sophie cried a bit while that was happening, but once the catheter was in, she was happy and laughing and talking to the Xray machine that was lowered over her. She did all she was supposed to do, letting her bladder be filled with the contrast, and urinating on cue. They did that twice and she was quite happy, sucking my fingers and talking away. She didn't even flinch when they pulled the tape off to remove the catheter. The doctor was very happy with the results and said it was all fine, meaning her UTI was not caused by a physiological problem (probably just my lousy nappy changing habits!).
That leaves Hannah as the only child not yet requiring a hospital procedure. Ryan had grommets in his ears, Bethany a hernia operation, and now Sophie an MCU. At least hers didn't involve general anaesthetic.

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