Thursday, August 24, 2006

Turtle showcase

As I type, Huck is cowering shivering in the corner of his tank, muttering over and over to himself 'the children! so many children!'. Yes, today was show-and-tell day at school (or 'hotel day' in Hannah-speak). First the turtle was trapped in a circle of 26 squealing five year olds, then transported in a box only to be trapped in a circle of squawking eight year olds. He did perform well, and was rewarded with some extra food afterwards.

Added picture: Bethany's interpretation of Huck at school. Note the circle of children, some with blue and some with yellow tops. The two arrows point to me in the middle of the circle, and Bethany as part of the circle. I don't doubt that each person in the drawing relates to a particular child in her class as well. The text on the other side of the picture reads "Hava a grat time at your holadae OOOOOOOOOOO Love love love love love I hop you hava a grat holadae I LOVE YOU!"

Photo: Unrelated to turtles and school, this is a photo of 'Winterlicious' at Port Adelaide. 'Crap' as declared by Ryan. 'Crap' as confirmed by mum. A little mound of snow that we queued 50 minutes for to play on for five. Woo-hoo. At least it was sunny and there was a guy selling rainbow sno-cones. And donuts. Don't forget the donuts.


Adam and Eva said...

Don't listen to Huck, he's a born performer. I bet he loved the attention. Hee hee.

Nana Gabe said...

I don`t think Huck will want to go home when Adam and Eva return.Unless they have some evidence he was mistreated.Maybe hardening of the arteries from over feeding.You will have him talking by the time they are back.

Nana Gabe said...

Great artistic work Bethany .So much detail.I am sure Adam and Eva will feel like they were there watching.You have one talented child there Rachel.You guys had better start saving for college and uni... maybe we should stop spending your inheritance.