Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bethany turns 10

Today of course was Bethany's birthday. She told everyone who asked that she was 10. I think she had a good day. Her teacher is very good at making the birthday child feel special. They sang happy birthday of course, she got a special birthday card, and got to be teacher of the day, which means she got to call the roll, make key decisions in the day (what book to read at story time) and identify and reward good behaviour in other students. We had a few meltdown/freakouts but they are pretty much usual these days from the Artist formerly known as Bethany. The present booty was very well-received, including the Baby Born from mum (see photo below of her trying to recreate her own birth), a pink scooter from dad, a laptop! from nanna and papa, and a Dora doll from Ella and co. Our long inane conversation to Adam and Eva in Scotland was lots of fun too.
Bethany went to bed amazed that nana and papa had bought her such grown-up presents, and she is only 6.

Check out the tats on this bruiser.


Nana Gabe said...

what a photo of Sophie. That will be one to keep for her 21st

Nana Gabe said...

Happy birthday Bethany from Nana and Papa. Just clarifying the laptop situation.. it is not a Barbie one. It is for maths etc she cant download any weird sites or cant set up her own my space yet.. maybe by the time she is really 10. Roll on her teens!

Adam and Eva said...

Wouldn't want to come up against her in a dark alley. Good to talk to you all the other day.