Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cycling fiends

In my attempt to get the children hooked into cycling as well, I took them on the Big City Ride last weekend. It was good fun. The ride was marshalled, well signed and off the roads for the most part, so Ryan was happy he could race ahead of us. People we know from school were also there, so Ryan rode with them a lot of the time. Bethany pedalled hard, but there was so much to see that it was hard for her to concentrate on riding a lot of the time (and 'KEEP LEFT!'). The ride was 19km (supposedly, though my bike computer said it was 16km), two hours or so, and mostly through the parklands and along the river. Very nice way to see a different side of the city. The kids loved it and are very keen to do it again next year, but with better bikes (cycling is a fun hobby, but expensive!). Beth's bike is a single-gear, and some of the hills were a bit steep (we walked up three I think, me only in sympathy with her).
The other part of the plan was for me to tow the two littlies in my newly-acquired bike trailer, but after a test drive the day before, they decided it was too uncomfortable for an extended period (and it's a bit frustrating for me too - the clamp that joins the trailer to the bike slips under too much exertion, like hills or bumps or if I decide to go fast, and then I have to get off and jiggle the clamp around). I might look into getting a different sort of connector thingummy.
The littlies ended up staying with mum and dad, and then they all came in and met us as we finished the ride.

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Adam and Eva said...

We have seen loads of those trailers over here. We thought of you when we saw them. Hope you can sort the thingummy out.