Monday, December 15, 2008


I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged. Well, actually I can. Sorry about that. We've been busy too - spent a couple of weeks sick (so very very sick, and over school holidays too!), then two weeks in Queensland (pics of that on Facebook if you haven't seen them already), then the quick race towards the end of the school year (and a cold and rainy last day of school, darn that climate change). And now it's summer holidays with Christmas just over a week away.

Hannah had her tonsils out the week we got back from Queensland. She was a trouper about it, this pic shows her about six hours after her surgery. She ate well right from the start. No jelly and icecream these days, toast is the preferred first meal. Fortunately, eating has never been a chore for Hannah so she did quite well. Ryan was disgusted when she didn't go back to school the day she got discharged from the hospital! She was under strict doctor's orders to have at least a week off. Now, about six weeks after the surgery I think she might be close to fully recovered. No more snoring, and generally not as cranky as she was before.

Decorating the tree. Feels like it's been up FOREVER. We put it up the weekend of the pageant which is early November. Hannah is about four days post-op in this pic. The rather strained smile is a relic of trying to keep her mouth closed as much as possible.

Hannah at the end of year concert.

Bethany at the end of year concert.

Hannah and Sophie in a Christmas tableau of their own design.

Bethany is learning to put on her own makeup. Not getting many handy hints from her mum sadly...

Sophie's also putting her own makeup on.

For my cuz - they're waiting for you back in Gawler, girl!


Nana Gabe said...

Well I laughed and laughed at that photo of Sophie. It was very special...I am still Laughing

Lee said...

Aww thanks Rach!! I'll totally be down for a visit to Gawler when I get back :) What does Forever Lee do?

Rachel said...

Lee - that shop sells trendy clothes, Zoo York, Bauhaus, Paul Frank and a bunch others that are too trendy for me to remember. I suspect it won't actually survive in Gawler very long though!