Monday, May 25, 2009

That cute Sophie

Okay okay, I know I know. I DO realise I said in my last blog (way back in January) that I would blog more often. But I've kept hardly any of my New Year resolutions, so don't feel so bad. One day soon I might write a check in of my resolutions plus a general update. Not tonight, as I've got an assignment to do.
I just had to tell about something Sophie said today, and Facebook doesn't really work for that sort of thing...
We were at kindy this morning making a wig. She got the idea for a wig from a disguises book we have and we thought kindy would be a good place to make it. Today they had wool out on one of the craft tables, which was perfect. She started looking through the wool, but screwed up her nose and said 'I can't use maroon wool, it won't match with my freckles'. What? :)
We ended up using black... Michael was with us and he tried it on. I wish I had my camera - totally flashback to high school... Long black wavy hair. Sophie could not comprehend that!

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