Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paul's birthday cake

Paul has a track record of requesting interesting cakes for his birthday. There was the time when I made a meat pie tower, photos of which I cannot find right now. This year he requested a steak cake (or 'steek cake' as Hannah, who obviously read the word long before she heard it, kept calling it). He backed down on the original plan for the cake to be actually made of steak, and decided it was okay to just look like steak. Fortunately.

I think I did pretty well under the circumstances. And no, he's not 411, that's my feeble attempt at making do with the equipment I had to represent 42. The cake itself is our new favourite chocolate zucchini cake. Which of course presents Ryan with all sorts of dilemmas, as he can't eat it on principle, but you can't actually taste the zucchini, and it's an extremely delicious rich chocolate cake... He usually finds some lame excuse to eat it after expounding for hours on how he couldn't possibly let that poison pass his lips.


beth (from oct98) said...

The grill marks really make this cake.

Last time I saw a meat cake was a the Utah Hogle Zoo for a tiger birthday party.

Lee said...

That's some amazing cakey talent you have there missy!