Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Out of headings already?

Oh dear, so I just realised how long it's been since I put an entry up. I wish I could say it's because life has been so exciting and busy lately, but that's not really the case. Well I mopped the floor and cleaned the mantel off today, does that count as exciting? Hmm.
Lots of things have been happening I suppose, but without the digital camera to prove they happened, what's the point of writing about them?
We went to the Christmas Pageant which is always fun. Went swimming last week. Bought a Bumbo (Sophie loves it). Went for a few walks. Planted some plants.
Ryan is determined to paint his bedroom. I promised him we would in the school holidays so he's ready to start right now. He has taken down most of the pictures in his room (mostly Paul's football and music ones since it used to be the study). Now I have to somehow modify his colour choices just a little. I'm not really sure how bright red walls and a bronze feature wall will look...

Photographer: Bethany
Subject: Photo Self-Portrait

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I love living in Gawler vicariously through you. When do I get to go to Fasta Pasta? I use to blog via e-mail before I went back to school. But, I'm not complaining... I'm learning everything I didn't in school. How to use a compass, the three zones of the ocean, the mysteries of the Mayans, the origins of Charlie Parker's bebop... (next stop, world religions!) But I do miss you guys, especially reading the blog. It reminds me how parallel our lives are, at least in some respects (burying dead animals, halloween, birthday parties). Will try to pen a n absurdly long e-mail to go along with this absurdly long comment over the weekend. The American Friend, Andy