Friday, December 29, 2006

Another year almost over

As amazing as it seems, 2006 draws almost to a close. It's certainly been an interesting year here... lots of things have changed, but plenty is still the same.

Our highlights: that wonderful holiday in Victor Harbor in January, Bethany starting school and having such a great year, Ryan's great year at school, the quick trip to Black Point,

Photo: Someone put Hannah- Barbie's arms on the wrong way

getting to spend so much time at Ikea (after seeing family off at the airport so often), having Huck join our family for a while, Sophie turning one, Hannah finally being able to hear again, and today, Sophie weeing in the potty for the first time (see how I snuck that brag in there? She's only 18 months!).
Our lowlights: well, who wants to live in the past? :) In a few ways, 2007 will be better, I'm sure.
Things I'm looking forward to: Our 'snow holiday' (details to be determined), a new laptop (hopefully), some new furniture and bits and pieces, Bethany having a year with Mrs Haines, watching Ryan mature another year, Hannah starting kindy, watching Sophie grow into herself (and therefore starting to emerge from baby-world myself), welcoming a new nibling into the world (thanks Beth M for creating the word! - I hope I get to use it and can't still get away with 'nieces').

As always, I am grateful for the continuing good health and great natures of those I hold dear. I am truly so lucky to be surrounded by such lovely and caring people (and that means you!). Roll on 2007!

Photo: Bethany displays her make-up skills courtesy of a present from Aunty Marilyn.

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Nana Gabe said...

One contortionist for a child and a beautician in the making. You will be able to retire soon while making money from your talented children.