Friday, December 01, 2006

Another step forward

Today in the mail we got a package from the preschool, letting us know Hannah will be in pre-entry in Term 1 next year. When I got the package and realised what it was, I actually got quite sad. To the point of actually having tears well up. That is not me. But for some reason I just can't believe Hannah is old enough for kindy. She still seems like such a little sweetie, although I have noticed her conversations and observations improving in maturity over the last little while (her behaviour too!). And I'm going to miss her. It will be very weird not having her around to help me in so many little ways as well as just her constant chatter. I think too, the thought of just having one child at home is quite strange. Always by the time one of the others has gone to kindy, I've been pregnant or actually had a new baby, so I've always still had two at home. How strange. I'll certainly enjoy the time with Sophie though. Although not the trek back and forwards to kindy again. And if Nicole and Raff end up moving elsewhere in Gawler then it probably won't even be worth sharing the pick-up duties.

Today too was Bethany's end of year concert. They were very clever in the junior primary this year as they kept it very simple. All the classes (6 or 7?) learnt the same six songs. Each class dressed up slightly differently (Bethany's class had giant cardboard bells around their neck - apparently so they matched Jingle Bells, Ryan just informed me. Other classes had reindeer ears for Rudolph etc). All the classes were up on the stage and all of them sang the songs together. There were lots of parents there! Ryan's class and the rest of middle primary came to watch too so that was cool. I will try to put a bit of the video on youtube although it's all a bit blurry.
Ryan is in the major production in a couple of weeks time - the sequel to the production two years ago (they had a break last year). It's called 'The Queen's Revenge' and as usual it should be of excellent quality. Tim Purvis the drama teacher is very good - even having his own production company who put on performances shown in the Fringe (using school kids of course).

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Nana Gabe said...

You can't believe Hannah is starting kindy imagine how we feel with 2 of our kids over 30 now . Don't you wish sometimes you could make time stand still at certain stages but then as another child is going through a difficult stage maybe race through that time. But thats parenting for you and you do that extremely well.