Sunday, February 11, 2007

Techo cruising

Tonight I feel like a real geek. I'm sitting in front of two computers, typing and clicking all over the place. One is my usual pc, the other is Paul's new laptop which Raff dropped around yesterday and I'm still fiddling with (it's so cool, I want it myself!). Raff hooked the two computers together so I am transferring all the important things over (that would be, 15gb of music, plenty of photos, and some games) and setting up all the bits and pieces.

We had a nice day today - it was the Flotilla for Kids at Port Adelaide raising money for Camp Quality which was kind of fun. We sat under a marquee and watched a bunch of boats sail past (well, technically I just saw a lot of masts). The kids found a free jumping castle they spent the day in and of course we ate donuts.

Everyone was pretty tired because last night was Lee's 21st and farewell. Paul stayed at home with the kids as well as Ella and Charlotte and we all went to the Kent Town (oops, sorry, the Tap Inn) for a great dinner and then on to First at the Richmond. We gave up after that but the younger and older (Julie and Karen B, looking at you!) went on to the Stag. The theme was Dress to Impress which meant we got to go shopping beforehand. Mum (of course) bought my dress (oh, I hope dad doesn't read this, she'll get in trouble) and I even invested in some little heels! It was pretty fun to be all dressed up and out on the town for a change. My kids were flabbergasted when I came out dressed ready to go. I'm sure mum will put up some pictures of us all looking spiffy (she certainly took enough).
It was nice to see Lee, and Paul who was back for a flying visit, as well as all the usuals (and Lee's new squeeze, Tobias who seems very nice). Paul's friend Ryan was quite impressed with Emily, who was, well, certainly dressed to impress. He was quite disturbed that she was only 15.
We did all think it was a bit rude of Adam and Eva not to turn up though.

The kids had fun sleeping over here, with Paul to oversee them. Needless to say, they didn't exactly get much sleep. But it was fun.

Thanks for a fun night, Lee and Julie, and best of luck Lee (whatever you're Ghana do!).


Adam and Eva said...

But we didn't get an invite!

Adam and Eva said...

I'm stil rolling around laughing over your pun :/

juliepaullee said...

Actually yes you did.. well at least Eva did - via msn! If you couldn't be bothered travelling the few kilometres to the Tap Inn, then I can't be held responsible..
Julie x