Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hernia good jokes lately?

How about the one about the woman who thought she'd fix her mildly uncomfortable hernia by having a very uncomfortable operation? Hilarious, that one.
Actually, it's not all so bad. I got a night of 'luxury' in hospital, a day of laying around home being waited on hand and foot (yes really) and then mum and dad had Sophie for a second night so I got an unbroken night's sleep (although I was still awake at 5am).
The recovery from this operation is pretty easy though, compared to the recovery from my caesarean. I feel better today than I did when I came home from hospital five days after that operation, and the extra bonus is that I don't have a newborn to deal with at the same time!
Sophie has been very cute about it all. I showed her the wound, which looks pretty impressive as they've only covered it with that clear film so you can see everything. She keeps calling it 'ssoorrss' which I'm not sure is meant to be 'sore' or perhaps 'sauce' from the blood. :) Any rate, she keeps well away from my tummy area and I had to reassure her several times that she could still breastfeed. Too cute.

Photos: Me looking suitably impressed at an extremely tall Lego tower the kids built.

Ryan, Bethany and Beth's friend Caitlin impersonating a human spider over Hannah.

Sophie loved the geese at Nanny's.

The other cousins.
We visited with Paul's sister's kids this week. They were down from Darwin for a week visiting their dad's family and Jeannie had them for one day and night. They are lovely girls, bubbly, happy and polite. The kids all get along very well, although Bethany felt a bit lost, not quite old enough to keep up with Ryan, Ayla (11) and Holly (9). Ayla is an extremely talented artist, she was drawing freehand an ocean scene from the front of the pencil packet and it was just amazing.

With both parents such avid readers, is it surprising that this is a common scene in our house?


Nana Gabe said...

cute photos. Glad the kids caught up with their cousins. it is great for them to stay in touch. bookworms they are. It will stand them in good stead as they become adolescents

Adam and Eva said...

Your kids are a wee bit odd, climbing the walls. Good to see the op went well. Good luck with everything, Rachel.