Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back the third

The absolute highlight for me was learning to ski. We only skied for a day and a half but it was great! I could have stayed there for weeks. It took me a little while to get going; after the first day I was somewhat ambivalent but Ryan took to it like a duck to water and insisted we do it again the next day. I'm so glad we went back for the second day. Everything seemed so much easier (I guess we were less tired too). Neither of us fell down and we had so much more control over everything. And we had so much fun. The ski fields were pretty deserted (weekday during school term will do that) so we could pretty much do what we wanted. We were at Selwyn which is really geared to family and kids. We did a couple of really long runs and even made it unscathed down a blue run a couple of times (they go green circle (easy), blue square (medium) and black diamond (really scary)).

Photos of the kids skiing plus the view from the chairlift.

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