Thursday, July 12, 2007

No business like snow business

So very soon we head off for our long awaited 'snow trip'. We leave as soon as everyone is up and ready on Saturday morning. That could mean 5am, it could mean 9. We'll just have to see...
I think we're pretty much all organised (or at least as organised as I'm ever going to get).
A few weeks ago, we went to a secondhand ski wear sale and picked up mittens, jackets, snow suits etc. The weird thing is that earlier that day, I had picked up some cash for a catering job, $366 to be exact. Then we went down to this ski sale and spent $361 without even trying to match the amount. Here is a photo of the kids all decked out in their snow suits and mittens.

And then an amusing photo of Sophie licking oatmeal off the floor. It's often best not to ask why when you see photos such as this.

The last few days we have been working out what quilts or sleeping bags we should pack (space is limited in the van and there are lots of us with lots of stuff). The kids are testing the sleeping bags tonight on the lounge room floor (the last gloomy photo).

Most of my photos will be gloomy from now as the flash appears to have broken on my camera. Joy. But Paul did get some (unintentionally) speccy photos on Sophie's birthday due to the lack of flash (another post).

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