Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some funnies

A couple of snippets of our conversations today:

Me to Ryan: I know it's important to you to invent a hovercraft, but not before breakfast please.

Bethany to no-one in particular: Oh, I just nearly had three pairs of knickers on! I was still wearing two from yesterday and then I put today's over the top as well.

Hannah: Blaze is so naughty.
Me: Really? Who calls him naughty?
Hannah: No-one, they just call him Blaze.


Nana Gabe said...

Kids! they made me giggle. So apt for their characters at the moment. Bethany is a scream. So brilliant yet so normal. The absent-minded professor indeed..It is incredible what you have to deal with as a parent with a lot of kids. The diversity in conversation and needs at anyone time is crazy.

Rachel said...

Our discussion tonight about perception v reality was interesting. she suspects that maybe things are actually different to what we think, because what we see is only what our brains tell us, not what's really there. For example, she could really be an adult, or our house could be the cleanest in the world (her point?!) but she doesn't know because her brain makes her see something different. Interesting. The thought was a bit scary but mostly exciting to her. She's either going to be a crazy bag lady or a brilliant author.

Nana Gabe said...

My point exactly. Stay tuned for that one . She will be interesting not a bag lady if we have anything to do with it, until at least 10 years of age