Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Surprise! It's my birthday

I turned 33 today. I still look forward to my birthday, such a kid I am. A birthday is always a time to reflect on the year that's passed and indeed your life so far. I'm so happy and settled at this point in my life, it's a lovely feeling. Happy with my achievements so far, looking forward to the future which offers so many opportunities, the everyday pleasures of my beautiful children, ah life is good!
Speaking of beautiful children, these guys have been so great about my birthday, Ryan especially. Paul took them shopping on the weekend and they chose presents (cookbooks, what a surprise!) and a card. Ryan wrote a cute poem for me:

Dear mum,
You've laid with us at night;
You've made our breakfast at light;
We're thanking you right now;
We're making a birthday cake,
Not missing a bit;
Happy Birthday!!
We love you mum!

PS We love you!!

He apologised for the poem not rhyming at the end, but I still think it's pretty darn good.
The other great thing Ryan did was decide to organise a surprise party for me. His organisation of it mostly consisted of coming up with the idea and then inviting my friends. He invited Andrea first (who also conveniently happens to be the mother of his best friend), who asked the usual details, like where, and what time. Ryan didn't have answers to any of that, so Andrea suggested he better talk to an adult about it first, like maybe my mum. So he spoke to mum who said it was a great idea. She asked how he was going to supply the food and what he was doing for a cake. He was a bit stumped at that. She kindly offered to help. :)
So between them (well, mostly mum) they came up with a great party. I did have an inkling it was happening as mum warned me he was planning something and then the big giveaway was a cranky Hannah this morning yelling 'No, I don't want to have a surprise party for mum!' when the kids were whispering away. I pretended to be deaf for a little while just then... Everyone else did a good job of keeping a secret, especially Vicki who sounded very surprised when I mentioned it was my birthday.
At very short notice, with not many free hours, mum whipped up plenty of delicious food as always, as well as a tasty cake (decorated with a bicycle, ha ha).
They all did a wonderful job of making me feel loved and special.
I also got some neat presents, some interesting books and Cure tickets!! Woo-hoo! I wasn't going to go to the concert because I couldn't justify the expense, but when my parents are paying, of course I'll go! It's next Monday which is great timing too.


juliepaullee said...

Happy birthday for the other day Rachel.. I actually half wrote a message to you twice on the day at work, but had to keep stopping 'cos of work.. Found the half-written message last night in my phone (while I was still at work). Sorry :( but the thought was there - glad you had a lovely day though xx

Rachel said...

that's okay i got three messages from your kids anyway (yes really, somehow Paul sent me two from different phones!)

Nana Gabe said...

I will blog about your beautiful sons organization of your surprise.What a thoughtful person for an 8 year old boy. 'As monkey sees as monkey does' so the saying goes. You are doing something right. They love you so much. They would do anything for you.One of the many rewards of parenting. Happy Birthday Rachel