Thursday, February 28, 2008

Long life lightglobes

In my lounge I have two light fittings, both with three globes. These seem to go out with annoying regularity. Last time, I bought some long-life low watt bulbs and put these into one of the light fittings, sticking with normal bulbs in the other fitting. This was, oh, maybe as long as four months ago. The normal bulbs are still going strong and the long-life ones just died, all within two days of each other. So, since the long-life ones are approximately 10 times the cost of the other ones, I guess I'm back to buying the old sort again. Strange, and annoying. Meanwhile, until I get to buying some more, I sit here half in the dark typing this.


Nana Gabe said...

very strange. i think you should have replaced them all at the same time as there is probably a current/voltage difference which caused the problems. i replaced the globes in our 5 light lounge room nearly 4 years ago and one packed it in about 2 weeks ago, the rest are still going strong. I would say we would be ahead on that

Rachel said...

ah, totally different fixtures though so hopefully they're not wired together!