Monday, February 11, 2008

School's so boring

So here we are, starting Week 3, and Hannah has had enough of school. In fact, on Day 2 she started complaining. There's nothing to do at lunch time, all the maths activities are boring, they read the same book every day, it's just not fun. Hannah and Ella are meeting up to play at lunch time but they seem to spend the time complaining about how the upper primary playground is much more interesting than the junior primary one. I tried to encourage her to roleplay (the playground resembles a castle) but she just informed me 'Ella and me are so over it already'. So there.
She does seem to be settling in a little bit more, she's made friends in her classroom and is a bit happier. Maths is still boring apparently but at least the book they read changes every week.
The others seem to be happy, Bethany's teacher is 'the best' which is pretty good since last year's teacher was fabulous. He calls everyone 'hairy legs' apparently which is the height of Grade 2 humour. Ryan doesn't say much about school, but he is quite settled and happy to go every day.
Sophie is getting the hang of this 'just mum and me' thing. Hannah did the ceremonial handing over of the catering shirt so Sophie's enjoying coming in to 'help' with some of the food deliveries I do.
The first week I seemed to have vast expanses of time free but now the catering is going crazy and it seems like all February and March will be busy.

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Gabrielle said...

I commented to Hannah about the handing over of the "catering shirt".I mentioned that once Sophie started school that would be it until School holidays. She answered back as matter-of-fact "by that time there will be another baby". You had better get on it Rachel.