Friday, March 21, 2008

Photos from Melbourne

It turns out I actually only took photos while we were in Wye River. So no photos of Michael and not many of anything else. Of course, there wasn't much new and exciting in Melbourne itself anyway. Who needs another photo of a tram? We've got our own here now, thanks very much.

This is the view down the hill from the place we stayed at Wye River. Note the inconveniently placed house right in front of our balcony.

Our house was somewhere up the hill to the right. Everything is way way steeper than it looks too.

We had crimson rosellas and king parrots come visit us as soon as we arrived. In the house was a big jar of sunflower seeds which kept the birds (and humans) occupied.

Steve: thinking deeply or napping?

Darren, our friendly neighbourhood koala. Steve, the resident koala-ologist, managed to spot not just Darren, who hung out in the trees right near our house, but three of his mates as well. Me, I mostly looked at the ground.

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