Thursday, March 20, 2008

Travelling girl

Thanks to the always amazing mum, dad, Nicole and Raff, I got a leave pass for Five Whole Days to go visit friends in Melbourne. I gather that those that remained in Adelaide had a reasonably good time, both Sophie and Charlotte managed to survive intact and everyone else enjoyed themselves. Ryan churned through even more of the Harry Potters - if Raff would get his act together, he'd have them all finished less than three weeks after starting the first one.

And Melbourne was, well, fabulous. The weather was lovely, a lot nicer than what Adelaide was getting, and of course the company was terrific. I spent two days in Melbourne (Carlton actually, with some visits out to scenic Ringwood) and three days in a little town called Wye River, which was just lovely. Beautiful scenery, cute little house (although the driveway was a tad steep, like we nearly had a heart attack every time we climbed it, not to mention all the stairs at the top of the driveway too) and a great beach.

There were many highlights: World's Best Butter Chicken (tm) at Westfield Ringwood in the car with many exhaust pipes, the longest trip ever from Carlton to Hawthorn via somewhere really far from either place (blame the driver), the bear in the pub, completing the crossword, being taunted by all that chocolate, breakfast at Sugardough, and of course the catamites (don't look it up, it won't help you much and will just make you wonder what really went on!).

I ate a lot, laughed a lot, read a lot, talked a lot (really?!) and perhaps complained a little too much (that stupid Earth Hour!). One thing I didn't do was take a lot of photos. I did take a few but right now the battery on my camera is flat plus I've been shaped. I should get some up soon though.

I am really so grateful to my parents and sister for 'letting' me go - I had such a fun time. And grateful to Steve for letting me stay at his place and wash his dishes - hopefully I didn't get in the way too much ;) and to Michael for cooking me dinner and a whole lot of Awesome.


Nana Gabe said...

you were very welcome Rachel. It was a pleasure to do it for you. As usual your kids were fantastic. So well adjusted considering they stayed at their dads 2 nights and then alternated between their favourite Auntie Nicoles and our home. Sophie 2.5{nearly 4 so she says }two days after Rachel returned, said to us "can I stay with nana and papa next time when you go to Melbourne"? So obviously no ill effects or emotional scarring at being abandoned for 5 nights.

Michael said...

Your whole trip made me dislike Melbourne just that little bit more. I wasn't a fan (of Melb.) to begin with, but now it reminds me even more that all the best parts of my life were/are in Adelaide. I really couldn't believe I hadn't seen/talked to you for 15 years!!!! we CANNOT let that happen again :) I shall have to battle Steve for a bigger slice of the pie next time though.

Looking like I will be in Adelaide at some point during May AND June. So be prepared for visits.

Nicole S said...

Don't worry - I've got a little tally sheet going here. You are going to owe us big time when Lucy weans :p