Friday, September 29, 2006

Leaps and bounds

Sophie is right at that age where she amazes you with the things she learns. Paul was away for three days, and in that short time, she learned the following things:
- to open the cupboard, get out the oven mitts, put them on, and walk around saying 'hot, hot'
- the words 'cheese', 'book', 'baby' and, most disconcertingly, 'I do' (as in 'I want to carry this bag that is twice my weight and I will crack a big fruity if you try and help me')
- to come and get you saying 'ee' if she did a wee with no nappy (and I swear, she told me today that she did a wee when she had a nappy on)
- to say 'quack' and do the sign for 'duck'
- remembering where she put something (as in 'Sophie, where are daddy's keys?' and she can lead you into Hannah's room and show you them under the quilt)
- to do the mountain yoga pose on command (hands and feet on the ground, bum in the air)
- to wear a cap backwards and cross her arms, hands pointing down when you say 'yo'

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Nana Gabe said...

My you guys breed clever kids, I think it is in the genes