Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Milkshakes before school

Today I had some breakfast catering to deliver, nothing major, croissants and fruit, but it had to be delivered at 8am. I primed the kids the night before and they were so good about getting ready early, that after the delivery we went to Java Hut to have milkshakes (I hadn't bribed them beforehand or anything, just treated them afterwards). We had a lovely time, they all sat very nicely and chatted to the staff. Hannah chose a choc-mint shake, Bethany strawberry, and Ryan couldn't decide between a hot chocolate or an iced coffee (he went with the iced coffee - heaven forbid he just followed the others). Sophie finished off all the dregs from the others; what a different diet she has compared to the others at this age!
Today also, Bethany's class had Indonesian cooking. Nicole had the littlies so I could help out. It was lots of fun. I got to help the kids make pancakes (hooray!). For some reason we added food dye so they were a lovely shade of green. They were rolled with a coconut filling, very very nice. The other food was chicken satays and gado gado. Tomorrow is Ryan's turn.
Then tonight was ED and Council catering night. Paul is away for three days at one of these bonding conference things at Clare (I think tomorrow is rock-climbing, which he's really looking forward to), so the kids went to Nicole's for dinner while I did the delivering. Ryan and Raff went to tae kwon do (which they are both enjoying a lot, although Ryan is still hanging out for his uniform, I might get him one during the holidays). The girls just happily played for a couple of hours in their pyjamas.
The food went well, I get a buzz from getting it all cooked and organised all by myself. There was a beautiful orange sunset on the drive home from Nuri too.
I like mum's idea about the cleaner, I think I will organise someone to come to do the floors and bathroom. But there's no need for mum to feel guilty about not being here to help, I'm enjoying it. Should feel guilty about not taking us all to Central America though.

Photo: Someone told me about turtles getting soft-shell and dying so we are paranoid about taking Huck out for a walk around once a week or so.


Nana Gabe said...

We bought a present for Huck today.

Nicole said...

Yeah, go the cleaner, Rach. Money well spent I reckon. Just get them to do the crappy jobs that you hate doing most.

Adam and Eva said...

Do you think we could get a cleaner over here to wash our socks? Huck will be in heaven