Wednesday, September 20, 2006


As I go about day to day, I am full of thoughts of things that I make a mental note to blog, but never get around to, or else I think 'Oh, must tell mum that', but of course, in three months time, these things will not seem important (and I'm sure that even now, they will not seem important compared to the amazing things seen in Central America).

- We have been going well on Monday mornings getting up early and going to childcare. I think the fact it is only once a week helps, but the kids do really well. Work itself is great - it seems silly to say after such a long time at the same place, but I really enjoy this job. My day there is like a little island; I drive in peace for an hour, float along doing peaceful enjoyable work, get to wander down to the shops at lunch time without dragging any children around. Just a shame mornings and nights are such chaos, otherwise I'd work every day!

- Catering is going great. I'm getting a real buzz out of being organised and prepared for all these things. Of course, it's only week two, ask me again in another nine weeks or so! The biggest buzz so far was putting on afternoon tea for 50 people on Sunday - Paul kept the kids amused at home, Jackie and family happened to be out for the day, so it worked out really well, I got to prep in peace at mums. The food was very well-received as always; it's nice to know that I am capable of putting on something like that by myself. Of course, it's still using things that are in the freezer courtesy of mum, but I'm making sure I keep them replenished as well. Everything's on track for my big wedding in a couple of weeks time. Paul is currently Regional Manager for a month or so (basically until he loses his license, unless he can get an adjournment to move his court appearance from Oct 12 to later this year or hopefully next year) so he won't be working Saturdays so he'll keep kids occupied, feed them and put them to bed (he actually put Sophie down for her nap the other day, will wonders never cease?!). Talked to Lyn at the bakery so I have a plan for the cakes. It's all good. Although I won't mention the lunch we did on Monday that Nicole delivered, where I forgot to do up a plate of sweets. And then got the guy's name wrong when I apologised. Oops. :) I'm also not sure what state my house is going to be in in 10 weeks time, since I currently use the excuse that I've got cooking to do to avoid doing any housework other than the necessities (so the kitchen is clean but the rest of the house a total mess).

Photo: Hannah in her new just-right apron we bought today. Note the sunhat and the slippers. That's Hannah.

- some yucky news here, a 4 year old girl was sexually assaulted in the tunnel under the big slide at St Kilda on Sunday. Plenty of people around, out of parents' sight for only a few minutes. How horrible.

- Ryan's getting excited about his birthday in a few weeks time, although he's in a bit of a dilemma because he's only allowed one friend, to go do a fun activity of his choice and then out to dinner. He really wants his two best friends, so I said he could have two friends, but then only do either an activity or dinner, not both. How mean am I?

- Sophie woke up the other night all covered in blood from a blood nose. I hadn't noticed it when I moved her into my bed at 4.30am and there was blood in the cot, in my bed, all over her and all over me. Ick. It was still bleeding when we got up at 6 (or I started it off again when I cleaned her up). It was still trickly but mucusy when I dropped her off at childcare at 7.30 (yes it was a workday of course). It settled down after that and she wasn't bothered at all, her nose didn't seem at all sore. All I can figure is she must have rolled over and bumped her nose in the night, although Bethany's teacher suggested maybe it was as simple as overheating, as it has been warm here at night.

- Got my hair cut and coloured yesterday. I like it. I went to Vicki's salon, figuring she could look after the kids for me. As it turned out, it was Paul's day off so he had Hannah, and I took Sophie up with me (he offered to take her too, but I knew Vicki would be very sad if neither of the girls came with me). She was like a doting grandma, taking Soph around all the shops to show her off.

I think that's all that's come to mind this week. Everything is going along nicely, although of course there are my standard niggles and issues, but I'm working on them. :)


Nicole said...

Charlotte had 3 blood noses at childcare on Tuesday. Must be the weather.

Nana Gabe said...

I am so proud of you Rachel.We won´t come back in the near future.I feel A LITTLE GUILTY. wHY DON´T YOU HIRE A CLEANER TO COME ON MONDAYS PAY FOR IT OUT OF FYS.nICE PHOtos crap computer bah!