Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey now, you're a rock star

Those of you who didn't recognise that line as the first line of the chorus to 'All Star' by Smashmouth obviously haven't been living in close proximity to Ryan for the last few months. I made the grand mistake of printing the lyrics off the internet, and putting the song on my phone. Ryan spends all his time singing this one song loudly and tonelessly over and over.
Tonight we had the school disco and Ryan was very hopeful that they would play his song. He even brought his own cd of it just in case they didn't have it. But getting him up to request it was extremely difficult. He didn't want to go up on the stage to talk to the dj, because 'everyone would be looking at him'. Even pointing out that it was behind the speakers with all the lights in front didn't help. He ended up going up with his friend Lachlan, and Lauren Jakeway. The dj had the song and promised to play it 'next'. He didn't of course. Then he got to the very last song and

Photo: Sophie disco bunny

announced it was a request and started to play... not that song. Ryan was extremely extremely disappointed, but after literally 5 seconds of deep moping, he snapped out of it and started dancing along. I was incredibly impressed with him doing that. Then the lights came up and as everyone filed out, the dj played 'All Star'. So we had to stay behind while Ryan sang along very happily to his song. I should see if I can put the video on youtube.

In general the school disco was lots of fun. R-3 disco was 4-5.30, which was a very good time - not too late in the day, and just long enough (and only the littler kids which was nice too). Vicki had an appointment in the city so we had Sinead and Lauren after school and took them to the disco with us, then they came home afterwards and had dinner with us too.
The adult-child ratio was almost 1:1 at the disco, I'd say, with most of the parents staying, and plenty of teachers too. The dj was great, really aiming it at the age group. We did the Hokey-Pokey, Locomotion, Time Warp and Macarena (obviously things have moved on from my day as there was no Madison or Bus Stop, sigh). Hannah got right into it, dancing with Lauren for most of the time. Sophie was way into it too, dancing hard for most of the evening. Bethany and Sinead had dressed her in a little ballerina outfit while they were getting themselves ready, so she looked very cute too. Not surprisingly, Bethany wore Sinead's clothes, and Sinead wore Bethany's. All the kids got a turn dancing up on the stage which was fun as well. Oh, and the canteen had set up a table in there and was selling lollies, a major attraction.


Nana Gabe said...

Wow he is an intense young man. The PC we used had no speakers, but by the look on his face he was really into it

Adam and Eva said...

Thats a classic!