Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Star trekking

Today we did the grand circuit of Greater Adelaide. I had to go to Lonsdale to the Pram Doctor to get the wheel fixed on my pram (bye, $55...). Man, it's a long way there! The kids were really good. While we were waiting for it to get fixed, we visited Colonnades shopping centre which has had a big revamp. Funnily enough, it looks pretty much just like Elizabeth. All the same shops - I didn't spot a single shop which wasn't a franchise. A very pretty food court, whoops I mean 'Diner Life', and everything zoned (fashion, fresh food, electrical). After we picked up the pram, we headed over to Cheltenham to exchange my Bessemer pans. Then to Officeworks for some bits and pieces. Then back to get the kids from school. A big day, and petrol was right down at 106.5 when I left (but didn't get it) and back up to 118.9 when I got home (and still didn't get it, although I really need it - can I go a whole weekend without travelling far?).

Tonight I got a call from Nana. She said that Rosalie's banana leaf christmas card had also been confiscated by the thin blue line, but hers had made it through. So perhaps we can add everyone's name to that one...

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Nana Gabe said...

petrol has gone down drastically in the states thought it might have done that there as well