Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sleeping with the enemy

Over the last ten weeks I have not turned down any catering job. I've done breakfasts, lunches and dinners, short notice meals, all sorts. Nicole has helped out, mostly with kid-watching, sometimes with food, but mostly it's just worked out okay for me alone. This week, with the end of solo-catering just about in sight, I've had to turn down *two* jobs. How ironic. One was this Monday night at 6pm. Just when I'm getting home from work. This one was Gawler Council who rang at about 11am that day (should know better!) and I suggested that they try Viva just down the road who apparently did come through quite well (but not too well, or too cheap, I hope!). Then another call from the council this week (who have a new mayor for those who have not been keeping up with the news... Brian Sambell). They were after a nice big lunch on Sunday, 50 people. Unfortunately Hannah has her surgery on Saturday and I think she will be staying overnight (mixed messages from dr and hospital), so I will be too. And since I can't predict how she'll be feeling on Sunday, gotta say no. If it were 10, or even 20 people, I might take the gamble that I could work around her misery, but not with 50. So once again they have to find an alternate caterer. Again, I hope not too good, cheap or friendly! I'm very glad we've built up a good rapport with the main orderers at the council.

This week with big fanfare, the proposed route for the Northern Expressway was released. It seems a bit redundant to me, but the press has generally been good. It's a big road that heads from somewhere around Gawler down to Port Wakefield Road, north of the Waterloo Corner Road intersection. Supposed to take a load off Main North, and all those little back roads people take (like Curtis, Stebonheath). I guess it will probably chop another 10-15 off my trip to Port Adelaide (if I'm still there by the time the thing's actually built, they're saying 2011 completion). Anyway, it seems to me from the maps I've seen that it cuts right through the back of Grandpa's property. On the map I linked to, it's between points 3 and 4. I couldn't find a more detailed map on-line, but they had one at the shopping centre. The new road goes right between Frisby Road and Andrews Road. I'm not too sure about how far back his property goes, so I don't really know if he's affected. I tried to call around there today to chat to him but he wasn't home. If he is affected, I gather he would have already recieved the information on the compulsory acquisition. Changes the whole vibe of the place having a freeway in your backyard...

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Nana Gabe said...

We hope everything goes well for hannah . It will. She wont know herself after this. Give her a hug we will call when we get to L.A.