Saturday, January 06, 2007

Calendar anyone?

This year, for unique and thoughtful gifts from our children, various teachers and carers hit upon the novel idea of laminating a photo of a child and attaching a bunch of dates (not that sort!). Hey presto, a calendar! Only problem is, they're pretty useless. And for this year, we have three of them (plus some cute scribbles from the baby).

Sophie sharing Bethany's hot dog on a visit to the Elizabeth Aquadome last week.

Some sunburned girls after a day out to the beach with Papa today. Note Bethany's red butt as her bathers are too small so she has an almost permanent wedgie. But why was her bottom in the sun so much??? At least they had a fun day.

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Nana Gabe said...

You should be grateful your calendars are laminated ,that wasn't invented in our day. Who would let your kids get that burnt? He truly feels bad about that.It was funny because only a couple of days before that you were saying they did not know how being sunburnt feels. They know now.