Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Amongst much consternation, Ryan and his friends Lachlan and Mitchell went to Friday night rollerskating at the rec centre. It was a Halloween themed night and there was a chance to win a PS2. Of course the boys were keen as mustard for this! Lachlan's mum was quite worried about letting our poor innocent 8 and 9 year old lads loose for the night, but in the end we talked her into it (ah, peer pressure). I ended up staying for the evening (thanks mum and dad for minding Bethany and having her sleep over too!), and the other mums came along for a while too just to see what it was like (tame and safe, of course). Not everyone who was there dressed up, and those who did dress up, went mostly with the store-bought masks or skeleton outfits. Not my boy, of course. He thought about it long and hard and had a grand plan which he explained to me in great detail, several times. I thought it had no chance of working, but we ended up giving it a go the night before, and what do you know, it actually ended up looking okay. He stuck his head through the middle buttons of a shirt, put a pillow up his back and went as some headless guy.

The people organising the skating thought he was great, but the person picking the best dressed (just a parent they pulled from the crowd) didn't even wander to his end of the line and instead chose one of the generic mask-guys. Ryan was pretty bitter about that. And then they came so close to winning the PS2 door prize as well (well, the winner was green F96, and Ryan was green F45, that's close enough!).


Nana Gabe said...

He was still going on about it on Monday when I took them to School and after school.That is about being so close to winning. He loved the night and he did look so good. The memories came flooding back. Just a "few "years ago when our young kids went roller skating at the same venue... they didn't have scooters then. That was weird seeing kids going around and around all night on their little scooters .Well done guys you were a team to get the costume happening

Nicole said...

That looks fantastic! Great job!

Lee said...

Wicked costume! Good thinking Ryan.

Adam and Eva said...

Aaaagh! What happened to Ryan?
Seriously good costume guys.