Friday, October 12, 2007

How crazy am I?

When I agreed to Ryan having five (five!) friends for a sleep-over for his birthday, I forgot that not all boys are lovely well-mannered angels like mine. And certainly not once they reach a certain critical mass. Actually the boys have been generally well behaved although perhaps a little boisterous. We had one altercation during a game of lemonball. That's not the usual lemonball (which is like baseball only substituting lemons for balls), but the lemonball that's more like paintball. Which was all good fun for quite a while until one lad began throwing lemons a bit too hard and at too close range, so the others decided to all show him what it felt like. Up close and very hard. It all ended okay in the end, the one who started it apologised and they all ended up friends again. Right now they are all starting to quiet down, watching some show called Ben 10 that Ryan got as a gift. I will put a video up in a while of Ryan's cake.
The girls are off sleeping at friends and cousins, although Sophie stayed here - she is off tomorrow too with the cousins, while I take the boys to the movies (Underdog) and skate park.


Nicole said...

We had a way more peaceful time here, consisting of 'hairdressers' and 'teenagers' and 'supergirls' being played ad nauseum.

Nana Gabe said...

You are a great mum to do what you did for Ryans birthday.He told me it was great fun. What a hectic weekend it was. Ryan was lucky his birthday went for 3 days.He informed us in 4 years he will be a teenager. Woah boy lets take our time with that one.