Saturday, October 06, 2007

Time flies

It's amazing how milestones seem to slip by without you really noticing it. All of a sudden you take stock one day and realise, say, that your baby is no longer a baby but really a little girl. Two things have happened lately with Sophie. During the current school holidays, Paul and I have been playing musical children, which is great fun as it's nice to have different combinations of children, you get a totally different interaction happening. Somehow, Sophie and Bethany ended up here, and Sophie slept in Hannah's bed, rather than her cot. She slept there quite well, and over the next few nights continued to do so. Next thing you know, we've assembled the spare bed, moved Bethany's stuff into the playroom and suddenly Sophie is sleeping in a big girl bed and sharing a room with Hannah!

Here's a photo of Sophie sleeping in the big bed the first night (the bed is meant to be the top bed of a bunk, hence the railings; the older girls argued one too many times about who was going to sleep on the top - neither of them wanted to! - so the bunks got disassembled)

Secondly, a few weeks ago mum asked when I was going to night-train Soph (she's been day-trained for months). I said I wasn't going to bother as she was still waking up very wet in the mornings. But as an aside, that night I suggested to Sophie that she shouldn't wet in her nappy during the night but instead should wait until the morning and use the toilet. And what do you know? She did! She's been dry every night since (although I still put a nappy on her).

Other photos:

It's school holidays! That means a stand selling fresh-squeezed orange and lemon juice was in order. They didn't sell any but we all enjoyed drinking it afterwards.

Bethany has a bath fully clothed.

Sophie finishes off a round of camembert, the kid has good taste!

Don't question why there is a wet naked fairy at the computer.

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Nana Gabe said...

just think no nappies after 9 years. no more cots either. Your life now changes dramatically.