Sunday, April 20, 2008

Double century

This weekend, two 100's. The second was filling my car with petrol and having it total $100.77. What?! That is just wrong.
But the first was way more exciting - I rode my first 100k ride on the bike. Actually it was more like 120k in the end, but I set out to do 100. It was a beautiful day and I headed out well. I rode my standard path into the city, through DSTO and then back streets, to avoid Main North Road, then I headed down the linear trail along the Torrens, then along the beach to Semaphore (where I bumped into Dianne, walking down Semaphore Road), then back through Port Adelaide to home. And because I'm a geek, hopefully the map I made will work. I had two punctures, the first times ever I've had a puncture I've had to fix on the road (the other couple of times have been slow leaks I haven't noticed until later). I was out on the bike for about 7 hours, but my computer told me I spent 5.5 hours actually riding (I also stopped for some lunch). I averaged around the 22km/hr mark which I was very happy with. The roads are almost all flat, but there was a headwind coming home, which made the last 30 or so km slower going.


Michae Field said...

You know when I saw "Double Century" I immediately thought..."OMG...when she said CRUDE...I didn't think...". Thanks GOD that you were talking about the price of petrol.

Still, that is one impressive ride.

Is the Dianne mentioned my mother???

Gabrielle said...

No Dianne is rachels' dads sister.Well done Rachel. You have so much stamina and yes you are a geek but that is a good thing.

Rachel said...

ca @ michael. AS IF!!!
Mum's right it was my auntie, she is a 'wanderer' down at Semaphore.

Nana Gabe said...

peter baker rode 147 km last week and he is well in his 50's. he told me to say that