Thursday, April 10, 2008

A 'How To' for less junk

I'm really impressed with myself lately for the amount of rubbish I've been able to reduce. I put my green bin out tonight - for the first time in NINE weeks! That's right, me and four children took nine whole weeks to fill up a little bitty green bin. And these are not your standard big green bins, ours are only 120L little things.
And my recycle bin is not going out this week either. This is a bigger 240L bin that goes out every other week, but it's only half full. And that's after two children's birthdays as well.
I wanted to post a neat post from Colin at No Impact Man. This is his list of 42 ways to reduce your rubbish. I do quite a bit of it and aim to do more. I really need to start buying many more things in bulk.

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Michael Field said...

If you stopped playing on-line scrabble the amount of RUBBISH you put out would be even more drastically reduced!!!

That's right...I'm trash talking you in your Blogg!!