Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hannah is five

Hannah's birthday, and as always at our house, a party-alooza. On her actual birthday we had dinner at the Bluegums with Paul (essentially overpriced pub fare) and an icecream cake later at his house. The following week (when I'd finally got my act together) she had her party. She chose bowling, which turned out to be lots of fun. Dad and one of the other dads stayed and helped out, leaving mum and I and another mum free to sit back and chat. Much fun and sugar was had by all (the best party ever, again, apparently). And her cake was well received. Well, actually not really, it was a caramel mudcake whale, not high on kids yum list apparently. But Hannah and I liked it and that's the main thing really.

The other photo here is of Hannah's class presenting assembly, which was very exciting. She also got to go out the front for everyone to sing happy birthday. There is a little video here too, of her speaking into the microphone at assembly.

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