Thursday, January 03, 2008

Auld Lang Syne

It's the season to relive the past obviously. After catching up with Steve before Christmas, today, again very surreally, Sam Warren and her kids came around for lunch and a play. It must have been 12 years or more since I've seen her as well. She's the same as ever too, it was nice to have a good long chat about what we've been up to for so long, and also swap little updates on old school mates. It was funny to see her being a mum - I'm pretty used to me being a mum (although it does still take me by surprise sometimes!) but to see a friend that I last knew as a slightly wild teenager nursing a four month old took some getting used to. :) The kids are very cute and well-behaved, Perrin is five and Jack is the four month old. Perrin was happy to see some kids his age as they've been here (visiting from Perth) staying with Sam's parents for a couple of weeks - lots of grown-up attention but not much kid-play. I found some old photos so we had a bit of fun laughing at what we used to think was stylish fashion (and stylish friends, ha ha Brett B with a perm!).
So now I wonder who else will rock up - Lisa Johnson maybe? [neighbour from Ingle Farm for those who don't remember!].
No photos on account of my camera being broken (stern look at Sophie).


Michael Field said...

I just wanted to add "Extra Spooky-ness" to this blog entry. How absolutely bizarre and time warpy is this now?

Rachel said...

thanks for the added freakiness. I needed that!