Sunday, January 20, 2008

Touring Down Under

Ryan and I did the Fun Tour today as part of the Tour Down Under. We joined tons of other people in our matching sky blue tshirts and rode from Adelaide to Glenelg and then did a lap or two around the track they used tonight for the TDU Classic. They do 25 laps of the 2km course, took the winner just under 1hr 10. The fastest lap I did was 4min49sec. If I kept that speed for 25 laps (ha!) it would take me just about 2 hours. In my defence though I had to weave through all the much slower riders. And I didn't have lycras on, just a baggy tshirt. Not very aerodynamic at all... Would have shaved at least, oh, two minutes off my time, I'm sure.
Ryan did very well, but struggled a bit on the ride home (since of course we then had to ride back to Adelaide as our car was there). He said he would happily do it again, as long as we didn't have to do the homewards leg. We did about 30km which is pretty big for his little legs.


Beth said...

Well done Ryan! (and Rachel).

I assume you already had blue shirts, or got them used :-). Good luck on the low-impact year!

Lee said...

Wow! That's freakin amazing! :D

Rachel said...

beth, shirts were freebies with the registration. Had to have them to ride. Didn't buy them though so they don't count! Now doing double duty as pjs.