Thursday, January 03, 2008

Resolution Time

Well, it is the new year. I don't normally make resolutions (although last year I made a pretty big one!). I've been inspired by reading some greenie blogs though - greenasathistle, who is adding (or subtracting) a different thing from her life each day to reduce her impact on the environment, and also noimpactman, who is just generally trying to reduce his family's footprint, and also by watching the Story of Stuff (if you haven't already done it, go download the 50MB 20min video NOW).
So, this year's resolution is (drum roll please...) : Buy Nothing New.
Of course, this is not a new idea, by any means. These guys made news all round the world a couple of years ago (apparently, I don't recall it) when a group of 50 friends in San Francisco set a pledge to not buy anything new for 2006. And of course now there's even a yahoo group for it which apparently has almost 9000 members. I found some neat rules for the challenge here which fit pretty closely to how I think I'm going to try and make it work. Of course I don't drink coffee so I don't have to get the guilts about those cups (or sugar packets!).
Just for amusement's sake I will try to run a little sidebar on the blog with a list of the things I've had to buy new. Of course if it gets too long I reserve the right to stop updating it. :)
The other cool comment I liked which is aimed right at those of us who find it all too hard to know what are the 'correct' things to buy and do (or not) to be thoroughly green, was on No Impact Man as well. I won't give away the punchline, but I like it a lot.
Wish me luck! Of course I'll also be doing my usual things to reduce our footprint as well, this just sounded like a neat thing to attempt.


Nana Gabe said...

Does that include anything anyone else gives you?

Rachel said...

No. But you know I don't really need anything.
You heard Ryan's theory about asking the person in front of me at the shop to buy something and then give it to me. That's cheating.