Monday, January 14, 2008

We have vision!

Finally, a new camera! Woo-hoo. A Panasonic Lumix like mum and dads only the newer model. Not sure how this really fits into the Buy Nothing New challenge, since it was an insurance replacement for my old one that Sophie trashed.
Speaking of such things, the BNN challenge is going well. Okay, I know it's only halfway through January, but even so.
It's been nice to be totally switched off buying things. Normally I get the junk mail and have a flick through in case there's some real good deal on something, now it's straight into the recycling. Also my compulsion to sales shop, especially this time of year. I am finding it very liberating to just walk right on by instead of popping into shops just in case there's an offer too good to be true.
I've managed to avoid some big purchases, and some little ones too. Sophie needs a bed for Paul's house (not technically my problem of course - and Paul was on track to buy one) but one came up on Freecycle so I grabbed it. I'm not quite prepared to take a Freecycled mattress for her though...
And I avoided having to buy some new hooks for calendars by the ingenious use of paperclips and blutak. Hannah had a birthday party to attend - I had a book lying around that I'd picked up a while back, and then some cash (which Hannah was very excited to give), so no buying there either. Used recycled wrapping paper too of course.
Bethany was after some new shorts so we popped into the Salvos (which was very well-stocked, must be the post-Christmas house cleanouts) and got a bunch of stuff, plus some trinkety things for the girls (so we still accumulate junk, it's just old junk now :) ).
Went to Maccas the other day, no Happy Meals so no crappy little bits of plastic (actually we've been doing this one for a while).
My next purchasing dilemma though is that my New Internationalist subscription has come due, and technically I guess that's purchasing something new, but I like to read it, and I like for them to get some of my money. Perhaps I can just look at it as a donation with a pleasant side effect? I was happy to see that the library now has a cycling magazine amongst its collection - one less thing to miss out on.

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