Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Hannah funny

Hannah is on the SRC at school - they have two children from each class and Hannah nominated because she knew Ryan was already on there. At SRC they decided to have a charity fundraiser to raise money for the people of Burma. She was so cute for a while trying to pronounce Myanmar. After I explained that the name Myanmar had been imposed by the violent ruling junta, we decided that we should refer to the country as Burma. Anyway, the fundraiser they decided on was Spare Change Week. She's been reminding us for weeks that Week 10 is Spare Change Week for Burma. We are just about to enter week 10 so she was trying to work out exactly what to do. 'Do we wear our school uniforms?' she asked. I explained that it wasn't Wear what you want day so yes she'd have to wear her uniform. 'But when do we get changed?' she wanted to know. Bringing spare change to school of course meant a spare change of clothes! We explained what was meant and she gave a little laugh, 'oh THAT kind of change' (although I don't think she's probably ever heard of coins referred to as change before.

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