Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lucy's birthday

Lucy's birthday and party were today. Everything as expected. Lots of excited children, happy adults, yummy food, a very cute birthday cake and a gorgeous birthday girl.

All the cousins.

And earlier in the day, I sent my kids to play outside. This is what I found them doing. Which is hilarious if you are aware what I spend much of MY free time doing!

Last week I put all the kids hair in little tiny buns to try and make it curly. Even Ryan wanted in on the action. As you can see, it worked! For a while anyway, until it reverted to its normal dead straight.


Nicole S said...

Oodles of poodles.

Michael Field said...

As hard as it is to pick the cutest in that 2nd to last photo, I think the winner is clear.


How good does she look with curls!!

At least she didn't go full-on spiral perm like a certain other person in her family who will remain nameless.