Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little drummer boy

For the last I don't know how many weeks, the kids have been working hard at school on a drama production. The school is extremely lucky to have a very talented drama teacher, who is well known for his large scale spectaculars so we were all awaiting this one with anticipation. The performances were today, and the show lived up to the hype.

Bethany was a love dancer and had a quite complicated dance to remember.
Ryan was a sprite/drummer and had, well, a drumming routine that we all got to remember very well after he's practised it on every surface over the last couple of months.

Even though I've heard the drumming over and over and over and over and over again recently, I was amazed during the actual show, about how great it sounded. And totally totally amazed by my son. Up there, playing the drums, holding the beat, enjoying himself. I was so ridiculously proud it's kind of embarrassing. But at least I was sitting next to Paul, who was possibly even prouder than me.
Bethany did beautifully as well, remembered most of her dance and smiled at the audience.

Bethany before the performance.

Ryan and friends at the wild, crazy after-party. That's right, playing chess.

Bethany dancing. She's pretty much bang in the middle.

I'm being an indulgent proud mama and putting up three videos of Ryan drumming. These were taken by my mum at the evening performance (there were three performances in total today, although the kids tonight were quite buzzing and were hopeful they'd get a chance to do it again tomorrow).


Birgit said...

Holy cow, Rachel, Ryan's fabulous! I can totally see why you're bursting with pride. Christopher thought it was "pretty cool"...

Nana Gabe said...

we thought he was bloody marvellous.that video of bethany is so sweet

Adam and Eva said...