Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I willn't be two any more!

Sophie turned three! I guess I need to stop calling her my baby now, huh? She's a big girl, and we better not forget it...
The usual extended birthday celebration ensued - dinner at the Gawler Arms on Sunday night with 'cousins' and nana and papa, and then dinner at Fasta Pasta with Paul on Monday (her actual birthday).
The winner present was the trampoline. I was going to get her a bike, but by chance, the chef at our cooking class this week was talking about this way-cool tramp she bought for her little girl, so in an unusual bout of acquisition lust I rushed out and bought one straight away. I set it up in the lounge room and it has been jumped upon many times. Although we haven't yet set up the slide from mum and dad, and that might come close.

Sophie was so ready to be three. She is incredibly precocious, but fortunately incredibly cute with it. Her current favourite thing is to sing the national anthem, first AND second verses.
Most of her cute pronunciations have disappeared over the last little while, but there are still a few around - 'willn't' instead of 'won't' is my favourite.

Sophie and Charlotte with Sophie's icecream cake at the Gawler Arms.

All children assembled for a photo. Business as usual...

Sophie with her daddy, and her 'three balloon' which came to dinner with us.

One for Adam and Eva: Lucy meets Huck for the first time.

Sophie on the trampoline!

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