Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fish frenzy

Today Hannah, Sophie and I headed to Big W. It was very exciting as it was Hannah's second only big ride on her bike. Every other time, we've not made it to the next door neighbour's driveway before her legs are too tired to continue. But something must have just clicked - on Sunday she rode down to the service station to get bread (not alone!) and then today she made it all the way into Gawler and halfway home before sitting in the pram. Anyway, as we headed past the aquarium shop, Hannah said we should get some fish to feed Huck. We got four feeder fish (Hannah chose how many). On the way home, I looked in the bag and noticed a couple of little tiny fish as well as the four bigger ones. I figured the fish lady must have scooped a few little ones in by mistake. By the time we got home, there were about 20 little fish, and they were bigger than before, almost growing by the second. One of the big fish must have laid them (or given birth, or whatever they do). We put them into the tank when the kids got home from school; I thought they might last a couple of days, but Huck made it his mission to seek and destroy. Two of the big ones found hiding places under the rocks, but that only meant they lived for an extra hour or so. We put in a plastic container to make a sort of cave but the silly fish didn't find it. Currently there are no big fish left and only about six of the littlies. These ones are smart and staying close to the bottom where it's hard to spot them amongst the stones. It will be interesting to see how long they last.

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Nana Gabe said...

We saw loads of turtles today in a hatchery .they are one of our very innocent creatures of the world.