Sunday, October 15, 2006

The world record-holder is...

Ryan got the Guinness book of records for his birthday yesterday (thanks Nic!). During the course of reading it, he shared the fact that the record for eating a raw onion is 1 min 29 sec. Paul, who loves raw onion, declared he could do it quicker. So, armed with a raw onion, bottle of water and stopwatch, he started. Much moaning and pacing and swigging of water later, we checked the stop watch. 1 min 25 sec! How exciting. Ryan was besides himself at the thought that someone in our family might be famous. He wanted to log onto the Guinness website straight away to register for the record, but Paul thought it might be a wise idea to see how the onion settled, to see whether he would be game enough to repeat the feat. Other than everything else tasting like onion for the rest of the day, and some fairly vivid belches, he survived okay.

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