Monday, October 09, 2006

Hannah is sick again

Hannah has been doing pretty well lately - still congested sounding, but no runny nose and actually able to hear. The last few days though she got sick again, complaining about headaches, earaches, sore body, and having a raging temperature for a couple of days. Today she was supposed to go to childcare but I didn't take her - she had been in my bed all night and was really hot, so I thought a rest day would be good. Not that it was a rest day, really. The kids are on holidays so I had the day off work and we went rollerskating at the rec centre (also had a catering job in the morning so it worked out well that I had organised the day off already).
I mentioned before that Hannah spent the night in my bed. That's because she POOED in hers! That's right, I went to take her to the toilet at 1030, walked into the room thinking it didn't smell right, and her pj's and bed were, well, gross. Not diarrhoea, just normal, but she was so sound asleep and wiped out from being sick that she didn't even notice. I stripped her off and took her in the shower. She wanted me to come in, so there we were, in the middle of the night, standing in the shower. We stood in there for ages, I think it was nice for her headache and temperature (I think she was asleep standing up). Then, such a sweetheart she is, as I was sorting out the new sheets etc, she was trying to help, going to take the dirty ones out to the laundry to soak, wanting to help change the quilt cover, I fixed the sheets first and got her to lie down while I sorted out the rest, but then when I was done, she was still awake and wanted to sleep with me, and that's okay, of course. Poor sick baby. She is much better today though, no headache and a lot more energy.

Photo: Last week we went into town and did all the free fun things, including rolling down the steep grassy hills behind Government House

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