Thursday, October 19, 2006

Visiting grandpa

On Sunday we went to visit grandpa to give him a copy of all the blogs. It turns out that David has been printing them out anyway so I didn't need to. But at least mine has the photos in colour.
Grandpa had just finished making strawberry jam so the house smelled great. We didn't get to take any home, but we got to pick a bunch of strawberries and eat them there, they are such great tasting strawberries. Ryan and Bethany had fun hanging out with David, picking beans and eating them from the garden, although I picked a bunch and brought them home and used them in dinner and Ryan ate everything but them.
A little while back we'd heard that David's car had caught fire while he was just sitting in it listening to the radio, but I hadn't realised it was actually at the house; I guess they were pretty lucky, the downpipe on that side of the house was all charred from the flames, and there was a little tiny bit of charring on the eaves. I think David put it out himself but then got the fire dept out just to double check no embers had gone up on the roof. The house insurance is going to cover the contents of the car as well as fixing the downpipe etc, so David's happy about that. Of course the car itself is not insured but he managed to pick up two (!) other cars cheaply somewhere so it all worked out in the end.
The sweetest thing was Hannah running up to Grandpa to give him a big hug when we left.

Photo: Bethany in Ryan's clothes doing 'Ryan' things

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